Filipino Historical Events for November

Important Filipino historical events in the month of November:

Cofradia de San Jose. 1832-41. Founded as a religious cult which attracted many members and alarmed the government. It was disbanded after one of its prominent leaders, Apolinario de la Cruz or Hermano Pule, was killed by the government forces on November 4, 1841.

November 21, 1849. Surnames for Filipinos. Governor Narciso Claveria y Zaldua issued a decree that provided for the use of Spanish surnames by Filipinos to facilitate census, tax collection and administration.

November 5, 1898. Republic of Negros. Revolutionary forces under General Juan Anacleto Araneta proclaimed the Republic of Negros.

November 17, 1898. Cry of Santa Barbara. The revolutionists led by General Martin Delgado waved the Filipino flag and established the revolutionary government in Iloilo.

November 15, 1935. Inauguration of Commonwealth government.  Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osmeña took the oath as President and Vice- President.

November 10, 1953. Ramon Magsaysay was elected the new President and Carlos P. Garcia as Vice President. Known to be the leader of the poor, Magsaysay, initiated many local infrastracture projects and established special courts to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants.

November 11, 1961. Diosdado Macapagal won the presidential election and replaced President Carlos P. Garcia.

November 9, 1965. Ferdinand Marcos was elected the 6th president of the Philippine Republic. He made extravagant spendings on public works, building roads, bridges, health centers, hospitals, schools and putting up urban beautification projects.

November 11, 1969. Marcos was re-elected as president.