Filipino Historical Events for December

Important Filipino historical events in the month of December:

December 30, 1896. Jose Rizal was executed by firing squad in Bagumbayan (now called Rizal Park) after being held captive at fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila.

December 14, 1897. Pact of Biyak-na-Bato. Signed by the Spanish government and the Filipino revolutionary leaders. This provided for the secession of hostilities between the two parties and the voluntary exile of revolutionary leaders in Hong Kong.

December 10, 1898. The Treaty of Paris. This was signed between the United States and Spain ceding Spanish colonies, including the Philippines, to America. The Americans received the right to colonize the Philippines after paying Spain $20 million.

December 2, 1900. The young general, Gregorio del Pilar died while fighting against the Americans in the Battle of Pasong Tirad (Tirad Pass).

December 29, 1930.  Inauguration of Rizal Monument.  The monument to Jose Rizal was inaugurated at the Luneta (now Rizal Park).

December 14, 1937. Law on Women’s Suffrage.  For the first time, Filipino women were given the right to vote during elections.

December 7, 1941. The Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbor, a US military base in Hawaii. The Philippines was attacked ten hours after the bombing.

December 8, 1941. Japanese invasion.  Japanese bombers attacked Clark Air Base and other American camps in Baguio City, Manila and Davao. This signaled the beginning of the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines.

December 25 1941. General Douglas MacArthur declared Manila as an “open city” but the Japanese ignored and still continued its attack.

December 30, 1941. Oath-taking at Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor.  Manuel Quezon took his second term of office as President of the Commonwealth government.

December 3, 1942.  New government under the Japanese. The Kapisanan sa Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas (Kalibapi) was established and elected Jose P. Laurel as President of the Philippines. This party, however, lasted only until 1945.

December 8, 1944.  Makabayang Kalipunan ng mga Pilipino (Makapili).  The Japanese used its members, composed of Filipinos, to inform on guerrilla sympathizers. Many of its members were prosecuted after the war for the atrocities they committed against the people.

December 26, 1968. Jose Maria Sison reestablished the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as a Stalinist-Maoist Political Party.End of the 20th Century and Millennium Watch.

December 31, 2000. The Filipino Nation led by President Joseph Ejercito Estrada joined the whole world in welcoming the new millennium. The President called on Filipinos “to pray for global peace and brotherhood and to world as one in facing th