FALEO’s 1st annual 5K run/walk. A day of celebration!


On June 15, 2013, the FALEO-San Diego Chapter held its 1st Annual 5K Run/Walk at Rohr Park.  The purpose of the event was to celebrate the 115th Philippine Independence Day (June 12, 1898) and health awareness.  Our Treasurer, Angie Ortanez, spearheaded the event.                       

Several of our board members and volunteers braved the early morning dark to set up the venue.  There were signs to post, tables, booths, and displays to set up.   

After a few words from our President, Jericho Salvador, and Angie, 16-year old, Katriz Trinidad, sang the United States National Anthem and the Philippine National Anthem.  Our Vice-President, Al Ambito, led the invocation. 

The event began at approximately 9:00 am.  Nearly 100 participants readied themselves.  The Southwestern College Academy recruits were also on hand to run in formation.  Then they were off!! 

A short time later, the first runners began to cross the finish line.  Prizes were awarded to the top male finisher (David Espiritu) and top female finisher (Patricia Ferrer).  The top three children (under 12) were also awarded prizes.      

The event was hosted by Melissa Mecija of Channel 10 News.  Melissa also participated in the 5K.    

The Paradise Valley Medical Missions group was on-hand to provide health screenings.  Blood pressure checks, blood-glucose monitoring, oral health, body mass indexing, and exercise regimens were evaluated.   

The National Bone Marrow Registry (Bethematch.org) had a registry booth at the event.  Angie’s brother, RC Ortanez, is a bone marrow recipient and a leukemia survivor.  A portion of the proceeds from the 5K were donated to the National Bone Marrow Registry.       

Several of our sponsors also had booths at the event.  We would like to thank our following sponsors for their continuous support:     


MILLAN-EICHNER FAMILY                                                            SUNGA ORTHODONTICS                                          

NIKKEN PRODUCTS/ GLORINA CARR                                        ROLANDO GALANG                                                        

DRS. SCOTT AND MYRA NABETA                                               BERT AND MARLENE SALVADOR

KOOMOHOST.COM                                                                        THE ESTEPA FAMILY

FILIPINO KALI ACADEMY                                                              JB INCOME TAX AND NOTARY                  

VJ STURDIVANT INC.                                                                     FOCUS INVESTMENT ADVISORS                              

FALEO – SAN FRANCISCO                                                             FALEO – LOS ANGELES




There were displays of Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo and many others.  These national heroes were instrumental in the Philippine declaration of independence against Spain. 

The National City Police Department SWAT had their armored vehicle and weapons on display.  The San Diego Police Department Recruiting Unit was also present.

The participants were treated to traditional Filipino foods such as pancit, lumpia and pandesal courtesy of VJ Sturdivant Inc.  The talented Katriz Trinidad again entertained the crowd with several songs. 

 A free raffle was held.  Several prizes were awarded along with the grand prize which was an anniversary football donated by the San Diego Chargers.   

A special thanks to all the volunteers who worked diligently throughout the event.  A great time was had by all!!